Fernando Morán, bringing Bisons to Leon, North Spain, in 2016.

In a century of efforts to recover the European bison, it has barely reached a population of 6,000 individuals, in a species that was counted by millions.

Fernando Morán, in coordination with the Romero Foundation, works to shelter a thousand bison in  Spain in few years, 16% of its world population. Morán advises anyone who contributes territories of up to a thousand hectares, public or private, to house herds of European bison.

Reached the target, 40% of the world population of the species in large spaces –this is, without significant supplementary feeding and structured in natural herds– will be in Spain. Currently only 2,500 specimens inhabit open territories. 3,500 are in zoos and reserves without surface to live in natural conditions.
Center of the European Bison in Spain
Email: ebcc.spain@gmail.com +34 609371477
Museo de la Fauna. Valdehuesa, Boñar (LEON)

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