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One of the problems for the expansion of European bison breeding units in protected natural areas of Spain is the resistance of many hunting guards, shepherds, naturalists, and nature officials to any intervention in the natural environment. On the other hand, these groups have serious problems for their continuity. A 180 degree change in the policy of nature conservation should be possible. It is urgent to propose a plan that allows 25 million unprofitable hectares of Spain to be dedicated to producing European bison and others, like the rewilding of cows, horses, donkeys and the expansion of bears, wolves, lynxes, birds of prey and the rest of the European fauna, Paleolithic man (now Biolithic) included.

A leading group of veteran nature advocates ask this month of October 2018 the Government of Spain to promoting a productive rural economy that makes the wildlife profitable, promoting a new rural collective composed of international teleworkers, naturalists and officials reconverted to autonomous to self–managed protected natural spaces, in exchange for cut public spending on nature protection.

In Spain, rural abandonment increases. Young people want to live in cities and modern professions. But that does not mean that the rural world remains empty. The place is occupied by a few opportunists who occupy the entire territory for their benefit. Subsidizing livestock and rural activity in marginal areas instead of slowing down the process, accelerates it. On the other hand, financing the raising of select meats with public money is subsidizing, with money of the taxpayer who consumes the cheap, the shopping basket of others with purchasing power. For more confusion, traditional agricultural production is incompatible with the expansion of the wild. Many grant recipients for maintaining the biodiversity of marginal areas ask that part of it be exterminated. It is necessary to meditate what to do with the 25 million hectares of the wild and remote territory of Europe in Spain, whose food production does not compete in price with the other half of Spain, dedicated to industrial agriculture, human settlements and infrastructure.

Between 1969 and 1989 the citizens forced the Public Administration to conserve nature in Spain. The answer was to give monopoly of wildlife management to officials in charge of the taxpayer. But now, conservation budget takes years of cuts. The signatories of this petition ask for legislative changes that allow locating in the rural environment an autonomous social collective that makes profitable the expansion of the wild. A change of approach that reduces the expense of conserving nature, while increasing its effectiveness and sustainability.

The recovery of European wildlife is the cause offered to attract thousands of conservationists from all over the world to telework from Spain. The key is that they obtain their income by their current professional activity, working online by living nomadically in cabins to rent in a network of villages in protected natural areas. This teleworkers will make profitable the expansion of the European fauna through the diffusion of their personal experience, participating in the daily tracking of european bisons, bears, wolves, lynxes, etc. with camera traps and naturalists, rangers and officials of the Administration that want to become autonomous in exchange to self– managing the territory to generate their income by this long–term tourism hosting of teleworkers; payment for environmental services; communication products; breeding of european bisons and other rewilding large herbivores and other resources of the proposed economic model.


MURUNA – Rural World Nature
Association registered with numer 594805 in the Ministry of the Interior of Spain the 25/03/2010 as Non profitable NGO. VAT number: G–21481585. President: Benigno Varillas.


About the author: Benigno Varillas is a spanish journalist, working in nature issues since 1971.

Whatsapp: +34 630 438 093 Website: Twitter: @EuropeanBisons

Aznalcazar–Doñana Nature Cultural Center
38924 Aznalcazar, Sevilla (Spain)
E-mail: / Tel.: +34 630 438 093 (english) (spanish)

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