The promoter of the Eurofauna plan to increase the expansion of wildlife in abandoned Spain, the naturalist and journalist Benigno Varillas, proposes to the Virtual Reality Community of Berlin to join his initiative. Their collaboration would allow millions of people to “accompany” in the field the professional trackers who follow wildlife every day in areas closed to the public of protected natural parks.

European Bear in Nord Spain. (Phototrapping by FAPAS)

The hundreds of Spanish trackers agglutinated in the Wild Europe Platform  will train the VR experts in the monitoring and filming of wildlife, and they will provide him with the material that they get every day from around thousand camera traps they have placed on steps of bears, lynxes , eagles, wolves, bison and other emblematic fauna of Europe.

The Virtual Reality Community of Berlin, integrated by 3.000 programmers and interested in this new technology, is the first entity of the Digital Society to be invite by the conservationists to joining the “International Brigades” summoned to go to Spain to fight for life wild.

To be part of it, the brigadists must prove that they have previously been interested in nature conservation, or that two prestigious people in the  conservation world endorse the candidacy of those who want to live a minimum period of three months, extendable as many years as they wish, in the net of cabins for conservationists-teleworkers, endowed with broadband coverage, which will be rented in natural paradises of Spain. They will be facilitated the development of Virtual Reality content to disclose wildlife and allow remote tourism that generates a high-quality face-to-face tourism.

Published by EuroFauna

Pagina de la obra de Benigno Varillas sobre la vida salvaje nunca domada o resilvestrada.


EN LA MONTAÑOSA PENÍNSULA EUROPEA DE LA CUEVA DE ALTAMIRA, RODEADA DE MARES Y OCÉANOS, RECUPERAREMOS A LOS BISONTES CON TU APOYO. 53.667 personas han firmado ya. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 75.000! (Si ya has firmado: suscríbete gratis a nuestro boletín semanal, ya solo con eso, harás posible que las instituciones financien la reintroducción del bisonte).

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