Do you know a naturalist involved in nature conservation, from any country in the world, who can and wants to live and to tele-work (in their current profession) from a wooden hut like the one in the photo, located in bears, wolves, lynxes, raptors and other wildlife territories of Spain?
It is for extended stays, to rent at the minimum cost price for those who collaborate with wildlife trackers in rewilding projects to de-domesticate cows to recover the Auerochs, horses to recover the Tarpan and him- herself, to recover biolithic Homo sapiens. If so, pass me the contact, or send them this message. I urgently need to find some. Thank you. More Info: Contact:

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Pagina de las obras de Benigno Varillas sobre la vida salvaje libre que nunca fue domada o que es resilvestrada.

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Restore primal Wild Europe in Spain


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Restore primal Wild Europe in Spain

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