Eurofauna proposes Virtual Reality Community Berlin to join his initiative

The promoter of the Eurofauna plan to increase the expansion of wildlife in abandoned Spain, the naturalist and journalist Benigno Varillas, proposes to the Virtual Reality Community of Berlin to join his initiative. Their collaboration would allow millions of people to “accompany” in the field the professional trackers who follow wildlife every day in areas […]

Global call for new International Brigades: Come to fight in Spain for the european fauna that the Paleolithic man painted in Altamira

WILD EUROPE EuroFauna Project By Benigno Varillas, 
in the “Wisente auf Wilder Weide, Arterhaltung und Oekologie” Konferenz
 Freitag, 28. September 2018. Brandenburgische Akademie Schloss Criewen.     One of the problems for the expansion of European bison breeding units in protected natural areas of Spain is the resistance of many hunting guards, shepherds, naturalists, and […]

FAPAS bear and wolf tracking: ¡now in German!

Ein Bärenleben FAPAS, Asturias, Nordspain. 16 August 2018. Um mit Erfolg im Bärenschutz zu arbeiten, ist es unabdinglich, den Lebenszyklus der Braunbären zu kennen. Im Mai eines jeden Jahres beginnt das sonst so beschauliche Leben der Braunbären etwas frenetisch zu werden. Vor allem für die männlichen Exemplare, da die Bärinnen in diesem Monat paarungsbereit werden […]


Vida Libre No Domada




Restore primal Wild Europe in Spain


Between two continents and two seas


Birds of Prey


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Bears in Spain

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Restore primal Wild Europe in Spain

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