Cranes migration as European Cultural Route

The Aragonese who participate in the initiative to declare “European Cultural Route” the migratory route of the cranes, received on October 30th, in the lagoon of Gallocanta, in Spain, the birds that on October 17 said goodbye on the shores of the Baltic Sea, in Stolpe, Germany a group of members of this idea from […]

Eurofauna Wild–Europe project presentation in Berlín, on 18-O

Here the link to the “Eurofauna Wild–Europe project” presentation, by Benigno Varillas, on 18 Oltober 2018, in the “Deutsche Umwelt Hilfe”, Konferenz Saal, at 18:00 (im Dachgeschoss der Deutschen Umwelthilfe e.V. Hackescher Markt 4, Eingang Neue Promenade 3, 10178 Berlin): See: Den Auftakt des Abends bildet der Vortrag von Benigno Varillas, Initiative Eurofauna. Nach […]

Spain against in war? New International Brigades are needed!

Nature conservationists asking for reinforcement of new International Brigades to fight for European fauna in the Iberian Peninsula On October 18, 2018 the Wild–Europe platform makes a call in Berlin to nature conservationists from all over the world who want and can telework. They are proposed to go to Spain to develop their current activity […]

Eurofauna proposes Virtual Reality Community Berlin to join his initiative

The promoter of the Eurofauna plan to increase the expansion of wildlife in abandoned Spain, the naturalist and journalist Benigno Varillas, proposes to the Virtual Reality Community of Berlin to join his initiative. Their collaboration would allow millions of people to “accompany” in the field the professional trackers who follow wildlife every day in areas […]

Digital in die Wildnis eine Chance zur Wiederbelebung ländlicher Räume

(Ver traducción al castellano al final del texto de la DUH) Einladung: Diskussionsabend “Digital in die Wildnis – eine Chance zur Wiederbelebung ländlicher Räume in Spanien und Europa?” am 18.10.2018 Nadja Fahlke <> 2 de octubre de 2018, Einladung zum Diskussionsabend „Digital in die Wildnis – eine Chance zur Wiederbelebung ländlicher Räume in Spanien und […]

Global call for new International Brigades: Come to fight in Spain for the european fauna that the Paleolithic man painted in Altamira

WILD EUROPE EuroFauna Project By Benigno Varillas, 
in the “Wisente auf Wilder Weide, Arterhaltung und Oekologie” Konferenz
 Freitag, 28. September 2018. Brandenburgische Akademie Schloss Criewen.     One of the problems for the expansion of European bison breeding units in protected natural areas of Spain is the resistance of many hunting guards, shepherds, naturalists, and […]

International Bisons Conference, september 2018

Download the program in PDF: program Wisent engl. Thursday, September 27th, 2018 11:00 a.m. Welcoming, Brandenburg Academy The VdZ: Active protection of endangered species using the example of wisent Volker Homes, Association of Zoological Gardens (VdZ), Berlin Twitter: @VolkerHomes The guidelines and implementation of the wisent protection strategy in Poland Prof. Dr. Wanda Olech, Academy […]

Come to live in Paradise

Brown bear Territory of Asturias where we propose to locate an international teleworkers–conservationists camp. Together with Spanish naturalists, his mission will be to help the local population to create a profitable rural economy based on wildlife and to retransmit it over the Internet.

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