Terrestrial Migration

Wild herbivores migration

Foto de Tono y Félix adquirida por BV a PacoOntanon copiaWild–Europe platform call nature conservationists from all over the world who want and can telecommute.

They are proposed to come to Spain to develop the work they already have on the Internet and, at the same time, to fight with the Spanish conservationists, and the rural world, for the expansion of endangered species such as the brown bear, the capercaillie, the wolf, the european bison, the beaver, the lynx, the uro or auerochs, the tarpan or wildhorses and other European fauna, as well as the human being integrated into nature.

EuropeanPaleolithicMigrationThis international call will be inaugurated with a first action, in April 2019 -repeating annually- to, symbolically, recover the migration of large wild herbivores from southern Spain (Doñana) to the Cantabrian mountain range.

The proposal is to ride with a herd of wild horses that live free in the Reserve of the Biological Station of Doñana to the nord. Together with other Iberian ancestral breeds, we call it “the Iberian tarpans”.

From May to October, horses and teleworkers in charge of their monitoring, will be in Cantabrian mountains, living with bears and wolves, so that the tarpan recovers its capacity of defense against predators and benefits from natural selection.

From December to March they will graze in Doñana in the municipalitie of Aznalcázar, sharing territory with lynxes, cranes and other migratory birds from Europe that spend the winter there.

The Rodeo of horses, and the ride accompanying the tarpans by the Cañada Leonesa, will be useful for  media and  tourism goals to finance the project.

Returning freedom to cows, horses and donkeys allows recovering uros, tarpans and encebros, large herbivores that Neolithic .peoples domesticated and brought 6,000 years ago from Asia, eradicating their wild relative from Europe. In addition, we collaborate in the breeding of the bison, an endangered species that has never been domestic and which completes the “crews” of brushcutters that prevent fires and continue to produce meat there where livestock disappear.

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