Letter to the Government of Spain

Proposal of voluntary reconversion in self-employed entrepreneurs of environmental public servers, forest guards, unprofitable shepherds, ecologists and other in charge of the public budget

“We propose to cut our budget”

Members of subsidized conservation entities; cattlemen and shepherds; environmental public servers and businessmen who have or have had contracts with the Public Administration, we propose to cut our budget. Also supporting this inactive self-employed entrepreneurs who have never received subsidy and young people waiting for future, who join this initiative to promote teleworking and nature  in rural areas.

We propose halving the budget allocated to nature conservation, helping to facilitate the cut of 10 billion euros per year to be made in 2019 and 2020. This requires that the management of the natural environment leave of being a monopoly of the Public Administration and this one facilitates the access to the conservation policy to the social sector interested in protecting and producing threatened fauna.

In advance guard of conservationists propose to cut the conservation budget, self-managing 100% of the objectives cut with half the cost.

To make it easier for the social sector interested in conserving and producing threatened fauna to recover the rural world in remote unpopulated areas, it is necessary to change laws of conservation, urban planning, education and uses of the territory, among others, thus, it will be necessary to:

1. Legally facilitate the de-domestication of large herbivores, recognizing the right to return to live in freedom cows, donkeys and horses and that their management is that of the deer or the ibex.
2. Define the new job profile of the “Teleworker–Conservationist”, adding facets of the figures of cattle rancher in extensive, transhumant rancher, hunting guard, environmental agents, journalist, monitor of outdoor activities and tour guide, allowing a multifunctional economy in rural areas.
3. Promulgate a new “Law of Territories manifestly improvable” that facilitates the access to public, communal farms and proceeding from the disentailment of the 19th century, to members of “Teleworkers-Conservationists” authorized to develop this work.
4. Modify urban planning laws so that local councils and NGOs locate 2,000 teleworking camps in as many territories in protected or rustic natural spaces.
5. Modify teaching laws to allow children 6 to 17 years of age to be trained at a distance.
6. Provide bi-annual visas to foreigners from countries that require it.

Full text of the letter to the spanisch Governement (in spanish)


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