Spain against in war? New International Brigades are needed!

Nature conservationists asking for reinforcement of new International Brigades to fight for European fauna in the Iberian Peninsula On October 18, 2018 the Wild–Europe platform makes a call in Berlin to nature conservationists from all over the world who want and can telework. They are proposed to go to Spain to develop their current activity […]

Eurofauna proposes Virtual Reality Community Berlin to join his initiative

The promoter of the Eurofauna plan to increase the expansion of wildlife in abandoned Spain, the naturalist and journalist Benigno Varillas, proposes to the Virtual Reality Community of Berlin to join his initiative. Their collaboration would allow millions of people to “accompany” in the field the professional trackers who follow wildlife every day in areas […]

In a century, the European bison, which was counted by millions, does not exceed 6,000 individuals

In a century of efforts to recover the European bison, it has barely reached a population of 6,000 individuals, in a species that was counted by millions. Fernando Morán, in coordination with the Romero Foundation, works to shelter a thousand bison in  Spain in few years, 16% of its world population. Morán advises anyone who […]

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Restore primal Wild Europe in Spain

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