• 15.000 Ha en la marisma de Aznalcázar, Doñana, Sevilla
  • 6.000 Ha en los Montes de Jeréz, Cádiz
  • 500 Ha del Paramo de Masa y de la Bureba, Burgos

Nature–Teleworker Camps to Rewilding Spain

In November 2019, the first international camp of teleworkers–conservationists to rewilding Spain, will be inaugurated in a Doñana dehesa, in Aznalcázar, whose mayor orredorGuadiamarDehesaNuevaManuela Cabello and deputy mayor, Juan Antonio Pérez, support the project.

LinceByHectorGarridoThis plan to recolonize the unprofitable field of Spain, which is, half of the country (25 million hectares) with conservationists to help reconvert conservation policy and the economy of subsidized livestock, both based on taxpayer taxes, will found in media diffusion of the monitoring of the fauna and in the obtention of payments for environmental services a key complement to a new economy to develop in the natural spaces.

The wooden huts to rent in natural paradises of Spain are inspired in the huts of the hunter–gatherers that inhabited Doñana, Andalucia, until the seventies of the last century and in the pallozas of north Spain.



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