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“They may be 2000-2500 Iberian wolves in Spain but if you want to see one in the wild, without expert help you’re going to have to be persistent or lucky or both. Spanish wolves have long learnt to be vary of humans and so actual sightings are rare. Proof of this lies in the fact that most wolf hunts organised legally or illegally end in total failure.

Wolf in Spain

More than 50 % are found in Northern Castilla y León (1000-1.500 individuals), and less than 35% in Galicia (500-700), with the densest population in North-eastern Zamora (5-7 wolves/100km2). Though wolves were once present throughout the Peninsula, they are now confined to the North-east (Asturias, Leon, Northern Castilla, Galicia), and a few residual populations in the Sierra Morena (Jaén and Cuenca). Recently, however they have managed to cross back over the modern-day barrier of the river Duero and begun to spread southwards and eastwards: two packs have been detected around Guadalajara and have started to move into Teruel in southern Aragon, much to the amazement and trepidation (and at first disbelief) of the locals. There are thought to be some 300 breeding pairs, giving a total number of around 1,500 at the start of spring and around 2,000 by mid autumn (1988 figures see below).” (By Nick Lloyd in http://www.iberianature.com/material/wolf.html )

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